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Name:Prudence Hellcat
I began this pseudonym for fangirling purposes back in 2010 on LJ, little realising how much fandom would expand my horizons. As a character growth and development arc it has potential, so I'm still working on it.

I have no idea what friending etiquette is these days but if you know me from tumblr etc feel free to friend or drop me a line. And apologies if I know you from tumblr etc and didn't say hello before hitting the subscribe/access buttons.

Further evidence of this pseudonym's existence can also be found at:
tumblr (anon is off and original content is something that other people do, and yet)
An infrequently-added-to AO3 (for SWTOR, Mass Effect and Gentleman Bastards fanfic)
A now-dormant Teaspoon (for Doctor Who fanfic)

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big data, biggish data, brunsviger, cat and girl, christopher brookmyre, commissario guido brunetti, courtney milan, darren hanlon, data, doctor who, donna leon, douglas adams, escapism, fictional alien boyfriends, garrus vakarian, generalism in general, gentleman bastards, happy story endings, harlequin presents, housework, iain m banks, jasper fforde, jurisfiction spec ops, just radch things, justice benefit propriety, kelly hunter, land surveying, learned machines, machine learning, mass effect, measuring stuff, mills and boon, pattern recognition, reading, reproductive freedom, robot friends, romancable turian vigilantes, sarah mayberry, sci-fi, sentient spacecraft, shiny things, singing, slapdrones, smutty fanfiction, special circumstances, star wars, star wars the old republic, stuff, stupid sql queries, svlad cjelli, swtor, talking to computers, technology, the culture, the lucksmiths, the sprawl, the star war, tom stoppard, torrid historical romance novels, universal basic income, william gibson, writing
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