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 Another late Saturday night zine-ing (also babysitting, thank goodness young people also enjoy papercrafts) and another jam-packed Sunday of stallholding! There were so many people at Marrickville Town Hall that we didn't catch much of a glimpse of the people at the tables opposite us the entire four hours of the fair. We were further from the entrance this time, and I think our audience engagement suffered a little for it, but we more than made up for it by our head editor networking the heck out of the Canberra zine scene (I can't wait to see what amazing things will blossom in good time out of that meet and greet).

We had three new zines, including one geographic exclusive zine that might make another appearance (along with us) in Brisbane at ZICS, 18-20 August if you want to save the date.

Zine and Indie Comic Symposium (on Facebook)

Most common question from OtherWorlds browsers and shoppers: "What are they?"
Our incredibly high-end low-quality 8-page booklets folded out of a single sheet of A4 are a diverse mix of
  • poetry
  • perzines (apparently this is what the cool kids call personal zines now)
  • short stories and sci-fi
with a couple of manifestos and a little geographic dogpiling too. Our little collective has 7 authors so far and there will be even more authors and even more zines by the time we get to Brisbane!

SagneZine (on Facebook)
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 What a great zine fair! It was packed, our SagneZine stall had a lot of readers and a lot of people were charmed and amazed by the giant pair of googly eyes one of my fellow authors brought with (BEST stall merchandising ever, completely outperformed the free lollies for audience engagement and conversation-starting, highly recommend). Thanks to a particularly late Saturday night and an early morning print run before the fair, we had 3 new zines available for the first time, 2 with variant art editions.

The weather, contrary to predictions, was not torrential rain after all, just uninterrupted sunshine over the harbour, very light breeze that picked up a bit in the afternoon but didn't carry any of our little zines off with it, thank goodness.

Our editor-in-chief went to the panel and enjoyed it immensely - she reported the panel topic was about the inception of the MCA Zine fair, its complicated relationship with the Sydney Writers Festival, and included the founder of the fair as a panellist who spoke frankly about how the fair was basically stolen from them after a successful first year (incredibly high-stakes drama for the zine scene).

Happily for mostly everyone else, one of the consequences of stealing a zine fair is you just end up with another zine fair somewhere nearby, hence next weekend is zine fair #2, Other Worlds, at Marrickville Town Hall. Come and say hi if by some fluke you are in the neighbourhood! By happy coincidence I am also in the neighbourhood (Inner West more like Inner Best right?) and will be helping run the stall again. Also we'll have more new zines for your reading pleasure!

Other Worlds Zine Fair on Facebook
SagneZine on the interwebs


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