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First, a word from [ profile] nonelvis, your friendly neighbourhood [ profile] calufrax mod:

"You've all just been waiting for an opportunity to rec on [info]calufrax, haven't you? Well, that time has come: the comm has slots starting on March 26, open to anyone, new and old reccers alike.

All you need to do is pick four to seven of your favorite fics on Teaspoon and tell us why you love these stories. All characters, pairings, genres, eras, and ratings are welcome, as long as the stories are well-written (that is, the author should know how to spell, format and the difference between "it's" and "its") and avoid attacking any particular character or pairing in a malicious way.

If you're interested, please leave a comment on the sign-up post. (You'll need to join the comm to see that post, but membership is open.)"

[original post here]

If you've been debating whether or not to sign up to rec at calufrax - just do it! I had a great time reccing this week. And now I've popped my calufrax cherry I can absolutely give you some pointers on sifting out the Teaspoon's hidden treasures, and maintaining that elusive balance you need when reccing for a general interest comm.

Next, a word from me, on behalf of [ profile] three_settings, the comm for reccing adult-rated Whoniverse fanfiction located anywhere on the web:

Sign up to rec! Sign up now! What are you waiting for? Sign up!

Also, if you haven't checked in to three_settings for a bit, head on over there now and clicky yourself some links to [ profile] stick_poker's carefully curated Best of the Kinkmeme. There's some quality stuff written by anons, and three_settings is the place to find it and/or spruik it.
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Signal boosting for [ profile] three_settings, "a community dedicated to sharing and recommending adult fiction in the Doctor Who fandom."
This post contains all the details, but basically what you need to know is:
1) Whoniverse smut
2) from anywhere on the internet
3) reccers needed - sign up now!

Hope to see you over there!
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I absolutely adored this book. Not only is it very different to the episodes with Ten and Martha, being about the Seventh Doctor and Bernice Summerfield instead, but the essential bookness of the novel means there's more than enough new and interesting things to make it worth your while reading the story even if you've seen the episodes. Plus, the book contains 100% more cats!

Read more... )

In summary: It's great - go read it. Especially if you like beer, cats and creepy monsters.
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I searched for Bjork and Doctor Who and got this. Spoilers for everything up to but not including The Wedding Of River Song.
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FYI, Feedbooks have the following titles available as free ebook downloads.

Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass by Andy Lane
Doctor Who: The Sands of Time by Justin Richards
Doctor Who and the Scales of Injustice by Gary Russell
Doctor Who: Human Nature by Paul Cornell
Doctor Who: Nightshade by Mark Gatiss

I'm reading Human Nature right now and it's fabulous. I'm hopelessly in love with Benny. An excerpt:

[Bernice is at a beer tent, killing some time waiting for the Doctor to return from the market and having just gotten hold of a pint.]

Company is always an issue at this juncture. There's no point, in my view, in being a solitary drinker. You can do that at home, given a certain degree of sadness which I wouldn't dream of sinking to. Usually. Well, three out of ten times. And it's been a difficult time for me lately. Anyway, there were the usual tables of dangerous-looking space pirates, penniless backpackers with their glasses of iced water, and traders waving their hands and complaining that business wasn't what it once was. Most of them were aliens of some sort.

Therefore, it was with a rather xenophobic sort of glee that I came across a table whose occupants were doubly interesting. They were A: human and B: female. They looked like they all came from different places, and had clustered together out of the familiar realisation that internal gonads are best, actually. So I sat down and introduced myself. Professor Bernice Summerfield, FRAS (Fairly Rotten At Scrabble), current occupier of the Proxima University Chair Of Archaeology (it's in my room, by the begonias), holder of the Martian Gallantry Medal (I found one and thought I thoroughly deserved it). They were suitably impressed. They laughed out loud.
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(via tumblr)

Because the originals are long and confusing, whereas this is written in a language I actually understand.
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Two sublime sex machine fics in one week doth a fic rec post make.

Everything here is rated Adult unless I tell you otherwise, ok?

Some literal sex machines:
Orgasmatron by [ profile] stick_poker , de-anoning from the kinkmeme. The Doctor and Amy and everyone's favourite piece of Barbarella technology.
Priapus ex Machina by [info]kayliemalinza, originally brought to my attention by [info]51stcenturyfox. Tosh, Jack and Ianto and some extra-special extra-curricular Toshnology.

A figurative sex machine:

Stop by [info]51stcenturyfox over at [ profile] wintercompanion. If you've ever wished the Doctor would stop telling Jack to "stop it", this is the fic for you.

Some sex, involving a machine:

Doctor and Amy and TARDIS Make Love by mofftiemnao over at Tumblr. You will laugh. You will cry. And then you'll do it all over again when you see the fanart.


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