Apr. 16th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Caution: If you value your time and emotional equilibrium, do not play Mass Effect 3. It will take over your life and then kick your heart out through your teeth. It takes roughly 35 hours to play through in single-player only, and then you'll have to play it through again a second time so you can do stuff differently and/or get a better grip on WTF exactly is going on. And then, as I have discovered, you may have to go back and play ME2, possibly also several times, and import your character with the right decision-base into ME3 and play it through again so that you actually get to snog the character you want to.

BRB, going to shower, clean my house, and then purchase a copy of ME2.

We will return to your regularly scheduled fandom programming a little later this week with my next [ profile] three_settings reccing slot. And don't forget, if you appreciate your adult-rated Doctor Who fanfic, you too can join the comm and sign up to rec your favourites. More reccers, old and new, are always needed!
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Signal boosting for [ profile] three_settings, "a community dedicated to sharing and recommending adult fiction in the Doctor Who fandom."
This post contains all the details, but basically what you need to know is:
1) Whoniverse smut
2) from anywhere on the internet
3) reccers needed - sign up now!

Hope to see you over there!
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FYI, Feedbooks have the following titles available as free ebook downloads.

Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass by Andy Lane
Doctor Who: The Sands of Time by Justin Richards
Doctor Who and the Scales of Injustice by Gary Russell
Doctor Who: Human Nature by Paul Cornell
Doctor Who: Nightshade by Mark Gatiss

I'm reading Human Nature right now and it's fabulous. I'm hopelessly in love with Benny. An excerpt:

[Bernice is at a beer tent, killing some time waiting for the Doctor to return from the market and having just gotten hold of a pint.]

Company is always an issue at this juncture. There's no point, in my view, in being a solitary drinker. You can do that at home, given a certain degree of sadness which I wouldn't dream of sinking to. Usually. Well, three out of ten times. And it's been a difficult time for me lately. Anyway, there were the usual tables of dangerous-looking space pirates, penniless backpackers with their glasses of iced water, and traders waving their hands and complaining that business wasn't what it once was. Most of them were aliens of some sort.

Therefore, it was with a rather xenophobic sort of glee that I came across a table whose occupants were doubly interesting. They were A: human and B: female. They looked like they all came from different places, and had clustered together out of the familiar realisation that internal gonads are best, actually. So I sat down and introduced myself. Professor Bernice Summerfield, FRAS (Fairly Rotten At Scrabble), current occupier of the Proxima University Chair Of Archaeology (it's in my room, by the begonias), holder of the Martian Gallantry Medal (I found one and thought I thoroughly deserved it). They were suitably impressed. They laughed out loud.


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