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Have you heard of the Ada Initiative? They're a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting women in open technology and culture. If you're reading this, chances you've made/written/vidded something and given it away for free on the intertubes. If so - guess what? You're involved in open culture! And you're a fabulous human being. But back to the Ada Initiative:

One of the major goals of the Ada Initiative is to organize a series of meetings of women in open technology and culture around the world, which we’re calling AdaCamp. Our very first AdaCamp will be held in Melbourne Australia on Saturday January 14 2012.

AdaCamp will have an exciting, inspiring mix of people from various parts of the “open technology and culture” world, each of whom brings something special to the event. We’re looking for people who:

  • work in open technology and culture: any field involving open/grassroots/community participation and sharing the results of your work for free (see our list of open technology and culture fields for examples) [or scroll down this post to where I've copied the list of fields - Prue]
  • can share information about women’s experiences in that field, including talking about women’s achievements and the challenges they face
  • want to work together and share strategies to support and promote women in the field
  • share the Ada Initiative’s feminist approach to supporting and promoting women in open technology and culture
  • are young and old; students, professionals and hobbyists; from a diverse range of backgrounds; and reflect the breadth of the “open technology and culture” field. [my bold]

AdaCamp attendance will be by invitation: if you would like us to consider you, please apply. Applications are now open: apply to attend AdaCamp. Applications will close Wednesday December 14 2011.

Find out more about AdaCamp at the event webpage.

(copied from the Ada Initiative's blog, here)

What is “open technology and culture”?

Open technology and culture is an umbrella term for a range of projects, movements, and communities including:

  • Open source/Free/Libre software
  • Creative commons, open content, and free culture
  • Wikipedia and other wiki projects
  • Open data, including open government data and data portability
  • Open standards and the “open web”
  • Open education, open access journals
  • Remix, mashup, and creative fan culture [my bold]
  • Grassroots online participation, including online activism
  • Open, decentralized alternatives to Facebook and other social media
(copied from the Ada Initiative's FAQs, here)

Interested? Sign up, or spread the word, or keep an eye out for future AdaCamps closer to you!


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