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 I almost forgot I had an assignment due today... well the note on Blackboard said today but the system assignment submission date said Wednesday. I am honestly out of shits to give re. assessment and due dates for this course. I just want to get out with the diploma and never have anything to do with higher education in this country ever again. I should also see if I can write a basic introductory surveying book for the Australian market because I reckon there's money to be made. One of my biggest complaints about the diploma is none of the poorly-formatted Word documents they've given us can be used in any way as reference material in future. And the teaching staff wonder why many of the students don't have a handle on the basics even after the better part of a year! There's nothing for the poor bastards to look up and barely any context given in class to make notes about. Half the stuff in the maths class last semester I had to reverse-engineer what they were trying to teach from my uni notes from 2013-14.

Husband spent this public holiday working remotely from home. I should be so diligent tomorrow and log into uni remotely to get all my drafting backlog done and avoid spoilers until it's time to watch Doctor Who.


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