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 I am five chapters in and heartily enjoying The Dispossessed now, after an uncertain start. My experience of Le Guin's writing has been pretty much confined to Earthsea - I think I tried to read The Left Hand of Darkness during high school and barely made it through chapter one. The Odonian conceptualisation of freedom is just lovely, I think I would feel right at home on a desert moon full of Odonian anarchists.

Friday is a public holiday for Sports, which is just ridiculous but Reliable Sources tell me it ties in with a construction industry rostered day off on Monday, and is not so much in honour of the football grand final so much as to thank the aforementioned industry's union for its support and hard work getting the current state gov elected. Not that this state has a corruption problem! Of course not! I am totally getting Victoria confused with states like New South Wales which have a functioning anti-corruption agency that has done a lot of good in the last two years actually tackling problems at state gov level. Victoria has no such equivalent entity with equivalent power to enquire into the dealings of state gov because it doesn't have a corruption problem, obvs.

Heard back about the job and I have a verbal offer with writing to follow next week, yay.


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