Oct. 9th, 2015

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 I have written over 4000 words today. Four thousand words! I also spent my many-years-worth stockpile of fictional space currency on a huge amount of what are essentially scratchies and did not win a single thing worth winning. This was before I started writing the 4000 words. I am not saying my sudden interest in writing original fiction about ladies in space is attributable to my poor spending decisions in the computer game where I run around playing a fictional lady in space, but it's probably not unrelated. Also it seemed like a reasonable way to distract myself from the anxiety of waiting for the email about the job (which did finally arrive this afternoon). I now have two 2000-word outline/sketch/plot summary thingies for books in a series, and a vague feeling about what the third book should contain but no actual plot for it, nor any details really beyond "chase scene" and "polyamory". But that is a good start y/y? Okay it's a rubbish start, but I feel good about the 4000 words at least.


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