Sep. 23rd, 2015

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I want to set myself a personal challenge of posting once a day for 30 days but so far I've deleted 10 different versions of this post! No wonder it's a challenge. Anyway, I've been kicking it off by making an effort to subscribe to people (hello there, if you're looking at this wondering why I've just subscribed to you on DW) with mutual interests and also familiar names from tumblr (hi tumblr people!) and from livejournal back in the day (hello there!).

Today I popped into the library to pick up the new William Gibson and a Sarah Mayberry I'd reserved and my favourite librarian thanked me for purchase-requesting Ancillary Mercy (he's now second in the queue). He achieved favourite librarian status shortly after I moved to Melbourne for being a huge Doctor Who fan and also showing me the purchase request form, which I promptly used to order the entire Eternal Sky series by Elizabeth Bear.

Despite/in addition to the massive quantities of time I have spent killing my higher brain functions with computer games since 2012, I have still been reading, and I reckon I update Goodreads more than anywhere else. Lately I haven't logged every single thing I've read on Goodreads because I have been re-reading a lot of stuff from my teenage years that I now have in ebook form. Honestly, I could not have survived the commuting on the train this year without the books on my phone.

tl;dr - yay, books!


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